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View of pipeline from below with view of the blue sky

The Link Between ESG and Material Verification Technology

MMT is providing companies with technology to support their ESG plans, keeping them competitive in a global…
HSD Tester on a pipeline

What PWHT Classification Looks Like with the HSD Tester

Classifying post weld heat treatment (PWHT) seam welds from inspection data for Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety…
MMT staff member demonstrating the abilities of the HSD Tester

MMT’s on-demand support team offers operators and inspection providers consistent, reliable customer service

MMT provides on-demand support to users and beneficiaries of the HSD Tester and MMTConnect™. This service ensures…
HSD Tester in the ditch

Combining HSD Testing for Material Verification with In-Line Inspection (ILI) for Integrated Material Property Verification

If operators do not have adequate records to establish the material properties of their pipeline assets, material…
Technician using MMTConnect interface

Reporting What Matters: In-Depth Look At Using MMTConnect™ Reports For Seam Weld Identification

The welding process used for pipelines significantly affects the final material properties of the end product. However,…

From There to Here: How to Design for Market-Ready Innovation

KBR's most recently filed Annual Report on Form 10-K, any subsequent Form 10-Qs and 8-Ks, and other.

MMT’s HSD Training and Certification Program Fills Need For Technician Readiness

Employee empowerment will be one of several key components helping the company meet its growth goals, Rohr.

As MMT Grows, Field Technician Team Roles Develop to Better Serve Partners

Lean service operations are people centred and people driven. However, organisations are generally tactical and reactive when.
MMT speaking at the 2021 December IDT EXPO

Staying Connected, New Beginnings and Industry Collaboration

Advanced services are a new route for manufacturers to secure competitive advantage in the market. With rising.
Brendon Willey presenting at the December 2021 IDT EXPO

MMT Presents Product Design & Development Process at IDT EXPO at Houston, Texas

Captain’s Log. Day eight of quarantine. Work has been busy; I’m grateful for the technology we have.