Competent Field Technicians a Major Priority at MMT

MMT’s updates to the HSD Training and Certification Program improves the reliability of data collection and reporting results for NDE service partners and their customers.

MMT updated its Hardness, Strength and Ductility (HSD) Training and Certification Program as part of its multi-faceted approach to provide industry-leading support to NDE service partners.

The newly released HSD Training and Certification Program includes a rigorous curriculum of observable skill competencies for HSD 8000 in-situ procedures. The training program involves a combination of online and in-person training, with in-situ audits and skill-based tests.

MMT improvements to the training program aims to accomplish 4 key objectives:
● Reduce the amount of time required for third-party technicians to obtain HSD Level II Certification
● Verify HSD training knowledge and operational skills through direct field evaluations
● Formalize the field technicians training status, tracking and customer communication experience
● Clarify the minimum standard requirements for HSD Level I and Level II Certification to reduce the risk of downtime or potential safety issues on projects

Gene Hurley, Director of Technical Support at MMT, said, “Our goal is to transition HSD testing process knowledge and competencies to our field service partners. With these updates, our partners will have the equipment availability and requisite skills to perform tests in the ditch independently of MMT.”

MMT expects the enhancements to the Training and Certification Program to improve the reliability of data collection and reporting results for NDE service partners and their customers.

“We are delivering mission critical equipment to the field in a challenging environment, and we’re stepping up to the challenge. To do that, our organization is maturing, learning, listening carefully to our customers and our partners, and responding to those changes accordingly,” Mr. Hurley said.

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