HSD 8000 & MMTConnect Moving Quickly to a “Turn-Key” Solution

The latest updates to MMT’s Hardness, Strength, and Ductility (HSD) Tester—the HSD 8000—makes the tool easier to use and more robust to support third-party inspection providers in performing nondestructive examination (NDE) testing. The updates to the accompanying MMTConnect software also more easily guides technicians through the entire material verification process to ensure that correct procedures are implemented and a complete and accurate dataset is acquired. MMTConnect also uploads the data collected to MMT for review and reporting.

According to Brendon Willey, Vice President of Engineering at MMT, extensive use of the device in the field has already proven that the HSD Tester can produce accurate, reliable, and high-quality data. Now, MMT is focused on launching a commercialized version of the innovative technology with strong support systems in place, so other inspection providers can achieve the same results.

Dr. Steve Palkovic, Chief Technology Officer at MMT, explained how the supportive capabilities were integrated into the HSD Tester. He said, “The MMTConnect software allows MMT experts to provide technical support for people using our equipment in the field. So, if they have a question while they’re collecting data, we have the ability to see what they are collecting in real-time with an internet connection. We can even proactively reach out and notify them of any potential issues. It’s part of our commitment to ensure anyone can get good quality, reliable results, no matter who is using the unit.”

The support systems integrated into the instrumentation include MMT’s HSD Training and Certification program, the ExpertConnect technical support center, and MMT’s reporting capabilities. By design, these systems ensure standardized results, regardless of the user.

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This article appeared in News & Views: MMT’s Q2 Newsletter.

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