MMT Developing Faster HSD Reporting Results

The Reporting and Data Analytics group at MMT is currently developing two additional expedited material verification reporting options. Service providers will soon have the ability to access both instant and preliminary reports, to immediately identify outlier results or test data areas of concern. This has been a long-standing request from pipeline operators and NDE providers alike.

Dr. Steve Palkovic, Chief Technology Officer at MMT, hopes the reporting enhancements will give MMT’s service partners more options for timely results as well as more confidence in the data being collected.

“Our instant material verification report will be built into our MMTConnect software, which has checks and intelligence integrated into it, so it can verify that the correct procedures have been followed, all the data has been collected, and that nobody leaves the job site without having all the data,” Dr. Palkovic said.

With the enhancements, partners will receive an instant report immediately, and a preliminary report within 48 hours of the data being collected. The preliminary report will be generated, reviewed, and approved by a team of MMT engineers following strict standards regarding data accuracy and reliability. This preliminary report includes estimates for almost all pipeline material characteristics included in the final report, including grade (yield and ultimate tensile strength), wall thickness, diameter, grain size and metallurgical review of the steel microstructure, and seam type determination. The third and final report will provide the complete material attributes including the conventional lab chemistry results, and a final grade determination using industry-leading strength prediction analytics with the lowest measurement uncertainty.

According to Dr. Palkovic, these differentiated reporting solutions integrate quality control, responsiveness, cost-savings, and efficiency for service providers.

“These updates in our reporting process will ensure that customers are receiving accurate and reliable information as soon as possible,” Dr. Palkovic said. “The preliminary material verification report allows our experts to review and report essential data early in the process to provide assurances to operators and service providers. This is in addition to the final material verification report that they receive with the standard quality that they rely on.”

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