MMT Presents Product Design & Development Process at IDT EXPO at Houston, Texas

Brendon Willey presenting at the December 2021 IDT EXPO

This year’s IDT EXPO event focused on defect inspection, assessment, and repair and featured innovation, design, and technology speakers from the midstream pipeline industry. In their presentation, Simon and Brendon featured the design process of MMT’s Hardness, Strength, and Ductility (HSD) Tester, the HSD 8000, which provides material verification technology for non-destructive examination of pipelines.

Through several decades, the design process of the HSD Tester underwent multiple stages of testing, validation, partner feedback, and design revisions before being commercial-ready. This highly iterative process left room for improving based on feedback as well as recovering after design setbacks. Simon and Brendon credited MMT’s research and development success to several factors related to this process as well as the input they received from experts.

The evolution of the HSD Tester emphasizes the amount of time and work went into developing a design that was responsive to customer feedback and needs. From 2015, when the HSD Tester was a proof-of-concept prototype, to today’s portable, highly accurate commercial unit, MMT underwent development of several different versions of the tester.


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