MMT Connect™

MMTConnect provides rapid field data transfer for operators and NDE providers. Gain instant, TVC records at your fingertips.

Rapid Data Software, Instant Material Verification

MMTConnect™ is MMT’s enterprise software designed to ensure the safe and secure transfer of complete field data to our reporting team and provides MMT Support with real-time insights to field testing results.

Field-Proof Tablets

Deployed on ruggedized field tablets, MMTConnect™ can be used in both on- and off-line modes, and provides separate role-based interfaces to support field technician, operational, and reporting functions.

 Data validation sample consistency and completeness QA/QC

Yield strength and UTS values (preliminary estimate)

On-line & Off-line

 Built-in data QA/QC

 Role-based security framework

MMTConnect on a tablet overlapping MMT's blue HSD Tester

Frequently Asked Questions

MMTConnect™ utilizes a built-in wizard to guide technicians through the field-testing process.  This tool ensures that all captured data meets the MMT standards and notifies MMT personnel if necessary.