Training and Support

MMT provides industry-leading training for field technicians and on-demand support.

On-Demand Support

MMT provides on-demand support with MMT engineering staff to ensure field technician operational effectiveness and compliance with quality-of-service and safety standards. This support includes ExpertConnect, equipment field kits, and equipment warranty & replacements. Providing reliable customer support for our clients is a priority to our company.

ExpertConnect: On-demand Technical Support

Equipment Field Kits

Equipment Warranty & Replacement


Field Training Programs

MMT’s field training programs occur (insert schedule), and are delivered in classroom, in-situ and remotely. These trainings ensure field technicians are operating MMT’s HSD Tester effectively and complying with quality-of-service and safety standards. This works hand-in-hand with our on-demand support with staff.

HSD Level I and Level II Training

Certification Programs

Quality-of-service compliance


MMT training and support for field technicians

Frequently Asked Questions

Over the past 3 years, MMT has developed a complete training and qualification program. By referencing known industry standards, such as ASME B31Q and ANST SNT-TC-1A, MMT’s training and qualification program matches known industry standards and ensures individuals are not only trained but also qualified.
MMT’s training programs are a hybrid offering consisting of virtual learning sessions and hands-on demonstrations.  Trainees are evaluated on the knowledge gathered in the sessions and demonstrations through both written evaluations and on-site Technical Performance Evaluations (TPEs).
While hours on the job often correspond to adequate knowledge, MMT prefers on-site Technical Performance Evaluations (TPEs) over a specific number of hours. The TPEs provide an opportunity for the trainee to demonstrate knowledge in a specific area related to the Technical Tasks.
MMT's training program is a multi-level qualification process designed to incrementally increase the responsibilities and improve the skills and knowledge of qualified technicians. Through this process, individuals grow from a Level I Technician (requires supervision) to a Level II Technician (allowed to independently test and supervise).