Staying Connected, New Beginnings and Industry Collaboration

MMT speaking at the 2021 December IDT EXPO

As the midstream pipeline industry sits at a critical crossroads, MMT is situated between various stakeholders and facilitates connection between design and technological advancement. Throughout the last year, MMT engaged in multiple events and partnerships to ensure constant industry collaboration among pipeliners.

First, at IDT EXPO—an event focused on defect inspection, assessment, and repair—MMT’s guest speakers presented on innovation, design, and technology in the midstream pipeline industry. The HSD development was a featured presentation for the event.

Through several years, the design process of the HSD Tester underwent multiple stages of testing, validation, partner feedback, and design revisions before being commercial-ready. This highly iterative process left room for improvement based on feedback as well as recovering after design setbacks. Simon Bellemare, CEO, and Brendon Willey, COO, credits MMT’s research and development success to several factors related to this process as well as the input they received from experts.

Second, a new partnership with Greentown Labs—a climatetech startup incubator that brings together startups, corporations, investors, and other stakeholders in providing energy solutions—pushes MMT to the forefront of providing ESG solutions to midstream pipeline companies. Greentown Labs opened Greentown Houston in Spring 2021.

In addition, this partnership will provide a location for MMT to train NDE partners in its technology and its potential applications in ESG-related practices. This collaboration s a significant step towards supporting industry leaders in Houston, Texas, as the energy transition defines a new approach to engineering and material science.

Finally, in collaboration with Acuren, Simon Bellemare hosted a live panel conversation where challenges and corresponding considerations for the midstream industry were tackled with the latest knowledge and technology in material verification. The interactive panel was geared towards providing specific solutions to midstream stakeholders in keeping up with major industry shifts.

MMT will keep collaboration in the industry a major priority going into 2022 to ensure its solutions meet the midstream industry where the biggest needs exist.

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