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Nondestructive Verification and Toughness Technology

Quantify the durability of pipelines and other infrastructures through nondestructive and toughness testing, enabling data-driven decisions without service interruption.

Critical Pipeline Integrity Health and Performance Data

MMT is the global leader in nondestructive material testing and toughness verification technologies. Our HSD (hardness, strength and ductility) and BTM (blade toughness meter) testers provide cutting-edge solutions by working together to deliver complete records at industry-leading accuracy.

MMT’s HSD & BTM Provide Advanced Data Acquisition

Fast and Accurate Reporting to Meet TVC Requirements

Get instant data reporting coupled with MMT advanced data analysis and fit-for-purpose reports.

Data Analysis and Reporting

Extensive Material Data Verification

MMT processes and analyzes all data for every test completed every time. Get consistent, laboratory-quality data verification with advanced FEA (finite element analysis) in an NDE environment for the strength and toughness of pipeline materials, including seams, pipe body and more.

Zero Test Failure

Frictional sliding technology samples a greater volume of material to provide the most reliable averages every time.

Going Beyond PHMSA’s Mega Rule (RIN 2)

MMT partners with pipeline operators and NDE service partners to define the new norm for material verification.

The Most Robust Training Program in the Industry

MMT ensures the quality and consistency of testing procedures for accurate results and safe operations.

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