Deliver the best quality material INSPECTION data through industry-validated equipment and standardized procedures to reduce PIPELINE risk and long-term cost.

Our Mission

Massachusetts Materials Technology (MMT) was founded in 2014 based on advanced research in contact mechanics, material science and data analytics at MIT.  The concept known as frictional sliding has transformed the way material properties are accurately and reliably measured non-destructively.  The Hardness, Strength, and Ductility (HSD) tester was designed, and MMT was established to introduce these advancements to the oil & gas pipeline industry.

Since then—and with the help of numerous investors, government grants, joint industry programs, and many satisfied customers—MMT continues to enhance the robustness of HSD instrumentation, advance data analytic capabilities for material property measurement, and push the boundaries on new material measurement capabilities with our Nondestructive Toughness Tester (NDTT).

As technologies at MMT continue to evolve, and the robustness of instrumentation and analytic capabilities and accuracy continues to improve, our team continues to grow.  Relationships with pipeline operators and NDE service providers continue to drive our mission beyond technology innovation—to provide the highest quality training, certification and support programs our customers and partners demand. 

Our Story

From Invention to Commercial Product Solutions

Simon Bellemare

Founder & CEO

Andrew Belmont

Field Technician

Colin Caissie

Field Technician

Bryan Feigel

Design Engineer

Gene Hurley

Director Technical Support

Ryan Lacy

Design Engineer

Maxim Makarov

Field Technician

Donna Newell

Director of Field Services

Joshua Norman

Field Technician

Steven Palkovic

Co-Founder & CTO

Parth Patel

Technical Operations Manager

Buddy Powers

Director of Business Development

Kevin Quinlan

Field Technician

Lindsey Rath



Sr. Data Analyst and Software Developer

Yasmin Salamat

Data Analyst and Software Developer

Kent Summers


Catherine Szeto

Center Administrator

Dio Vue

Field Technician

Yang Vue

Field Technician

Brendon Willey

Co-Founder &
Vice President

Our Team

Victor Vajda

Director of I/T

Simon Bellemare


Kent Summers


The MMT Team

Lance Kawesch


MMT Board of Managers

Managing Member

Board Observer

Board Observer