MMT’s HSD Training and Certification Program Fills Need For Technician Readiness

MMT’s HSD Tester technology is providing an innovative non-destructive (NDE/NDT) material verification method for inspection providers. The corresponding HSD Training and Certification program allows field technicians to use the technology autonomously in the field. This training fulfills operators’ needs in producing qualified technicians with the ability to perform this NDE/NDT technology while maintaining highly accurate results.

The HSD Training and Certification program equips field technicians with the skills and knowledge necessary to perform in-situ material verification testing with quality control and quality assurance (QC/QA) protocols. The program was designed with operator qualification (OQ) philosophies and fundamentals widely accepted across the industry to integrate comprehensive rigor and quality standards into its training components.

Integrating OQ Fundamentals

Parth Patel, Technical Operations Manager at MMT and the lead developer of the training program, modeled the structure of the HSD Training and Certification program according to ASME B31Q and SNT-TC-1A recommendations for OQ programs. Despite material verification testing not yet being a covered task, MMT has proactively designed its training program to meet rigorous standards. If material verification qualifies as a covered task, the training program will have the foundation to meet OQ requirements.

Program Structure

The HSD Training and Certification program includes a combination of online, in-person, and in-field instruction. Trainees start with online training to fully understand the fundamentals behind the technology and instrumentation that make up the HSD Tester and associated field methods. Then, trainees attend in-person instructions to watch and participate in HSD Tester demonstrations.

Several evaluations are built into the training course to test comprehension and ability to complete all techniques. In the final stage, trainees perform multiple in-situ material verification inspections with the HSD Tester independently, with trainer supervision. MMT engineers are on stand-by for subsequent digs to provide testing support, receive the data collected, and verify QA/QC.

Because the program was developed using current OQ standards, the program is catered to operators’ specific needs as they perform material verification. MMT’s proactively designed program will preserve safety and quality in material verification, even as material verification activities become covered tasks.

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